Tech Tips & Tools Training

tech-tools-graphicWhen your staff use the latest software tools and utilities, your organization runs more smoothly and you accomplish more. This is how a small investment in training can yield large benefits for even the smallest nonprofit. Technology helps you accomplish more.

While working with numerous internet startups, Sustainable Digital founder Bob Lawson learned how to quickly recruit and train teams.  Each team was equipped with the digital tools needed to work quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, to work collaboratively.

Now Sustainable Digital is bringing this knowledge to nonprofit organizations.

With limited resources, nonprofits need to use the latest productivity tools, but are often not well equipped to do so.  And the need is greatest for organizations with geographically dispersed staff, projects, and stakeholders.

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For each training, Sustainable Digital conducts a short survey of the software already in use in an organization and then prepares custom training designed to help staff use those tools more efficiently. At the same time, we introduce new tools and utilities that can help transform the efficiency of your nonprofit’s operations.

The specific tools Sustainable digital introduces to your staff will depend on your mission, the number of remote workers, your current level of technical sophistication, and many other factors. The training can take place in person, which is always preferred, or remotely in the form of a customized webinar.

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Each Tech Tips & Tools training will cover these and other areas:

Personal productivity:

  • Inbox management
  • Alternatives to email
  • Password management
  • Note-taking and retrieval
  • Task automation tools
  • Business expense tracking
  • Time management
  • Dictation utilities
  • Presentation software


  • Enterprise-level instant messaging
  • Working with remote staff and board members
  • Coordination of remote projects
  • Tools that reach across time zones
  • Video conferencing and webinars

Organizational resources:

  • Cloud-based CRMs and list managers
  • Organization-wide contact management
  • Cloud-based accounting
  • Time tracking by project
  • Cloud-based backup

Project management & collaboration

  • Cloud-based project planning
  • Team coordination and communication
  • Coordinated task lists and calendars
  • Scheduling and milestones
  • Organization of project resources

Digital communication

  • Social media planning calendars
  • Analytics to measure reach and engagement
  • Photo manipulation
  • Photo stock agencies
  • Infographic creation tools
  • Blogging software


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