Nonprofit technology audits

Technology Audit imageWith technology advancing at such speed, it’s difficult to know whether your nonprofit is working efficiently. From software to the communication and collaboration systems, you don’t know if your staff is being helped or held back by the tools you provide.

Now you can enlist the aid of Sustainable Digital to audit your technology and tell you what’s good, what’s old and what can be used more efficiently.

While technology audits can be performed remotely, we prefer to start with a one-day site visit. Larger and more complex organizations my require longer site visits.  We then perform an in-depth analysis of all your digital tools. In a written report, we tell you what is working well and how you can improve your operations with new digital tools and new ways of using them.

A final presentation of findings is made either in person or via webinar.

Once you know what must be done, your own staff can implement our recommendations or you can retain Sustainable Digital to assist with implementation.


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Here are the technologies normally reviewed during a Technology Audit:

Staff productivity:

  • Inbox management
  • Alternatives to email
  • Password management
  • Note-taking and retrieval
  • Task automation tools
  • Business expense tracking
  • Time management
  • Dictation utilities
  • Presentation software

Communication & collaboration:

  • Team coordination and communication
  • Team instant messaging
  • Working with remote staff and board members
  • Coordination of remote projects
  • Video conferencing and webinars

Project management

  • Cloud-based project planning
  • Coordinated task lists and calendars
  • Scheduling and milestones
  • Organization of project resources
  • Customized mapping
  • Reporting and data analytics


Organizational resources:

  • Surveys and digital project evaluation tools
  • Cloud-based CRMs and list managers
  • Organization-wide contact management
  • Online fundraising tools
  • Major donor management
  • Cloud-based accounting
  • Time tracking by project
  • Cloud-based backup
  • Web and video hosting services
  • Internet speed and reliability

Digital communication & marketing

  • Social media planning calendars
  • Analytics to measure reach and engagement
  • Photo manipulation and graphics tools
  • Photo stock agencies
  • Infographic creation tools
  • Blogging software
  • eNewsletter distribution
  • Event ticketing and management


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